Most small businesses are not large enough to employ their own full time IT or system administration staff.  This is where you can take advantage of CWIT and the systems we put in place to keep you operational.  This assists you to work on your business instead of in it.  When we are supporting you we can provide limited or full managed support services.  This gives you piece of mind.  Updates, Hardware renewal, backups on and even offsite are not a problem for you anymore.  We do this for a fraction of the cost of an in place IT staff manager.

We understand that businesses all have different requirments. We won’t sell you services you don’t need rather wetailor Business I.T. services to your needs.  We colaborate with you and will show you how and why every step of the way.

We strive to form long lasting, trusted relationships with our clients.  Taking pride in the service we provide to all our customers.  These principles are the foundation of our company and we will work with you to ensure you stay up to date and can provide your customers with the best in products and serivces.

We understand how important your computer systems are in the day-today running of your business and pride oiurselves on putting the “Service”  back into “Computer Service”.

We achieve this goal with a dedicated, experienced team who stay up to date with the latest in technologies to  assist our the businesses we support.

We tailor managed support to your business so you are not paying for a service you won’t get or don’t need.  Contact us today!